Sandile Radebe

Painter, Graffiti Artist

Sandile is a prolific graffiti artist and painter, who is spatially aware and communicates in three dimensions his excitement about language and writing systems in graffiti.

Gina Kraft

Performance Artist, Stylist

Live art performer with a rare combination of talent, focus and athleticism. This dynamo energizes movement and invigorates audiences with her bizarre and wonderful costumes.

Amber Stills

Photographer, Sculptress and Curator

An artist with vision and tenacity; Amberette is nicknamed Amberitious, and moves fluidly between sculpture, installation and photography.

Sally Rumball

Illustrator, Painter

An illustrator and painter navigating the human-animal dichotomy. Mrs Rumball brings the jungle.


Illustrator, Painter

A quirky painterly illustrator, LandiR impastos her drawings and draws her paintings.

Savannah Geldenhuys


Photographer capturing live action and finely-tuned portraiture